Illustration Friday: Sight























So it’s a slightly twisted representation. But there’s a story here. Back in 2011, our Graphic Design batch went on a trip to Goa, because Kyoorius Design Yatra was taking place there. On the train journey to, I made this friend of mine who’d been reading a book on palmistry give a shot at reading my hand. Maybe back then the thought of knowing my future and having the foresight intrigued me, it still does to the extent that sometimes I read my horoscope in the daily, but anyway, so he read my hand and told me with a dead serious expression and unflinching confidence that my creativity will make me go mad in the future. Like literally. Bat shit insane.

I also found out, from other intuitive parties that I have “murderous hands” and will get Alzheimer’s when I’m old.

On the same train journey :P

Point being, in this illustration I’m talking about foresight. A glimpse of the future. A look into the unknown. I wonder though, if I wrote ‘MAD’ because that’s what I’m supposed to be, or if the idea of knowing what is to come is slightly, if not completely, maddening.

8 Responses to “Illustration Friday: Sight”
  1. Cindy D says:

    Haha, cool representation of a palm reading. And a very interesting tale. So you’ll go mad and go on a murderous strangling rampage of some kind? Better than slowly fading away in a home somewhere I suppose!

  2. Fantastic! Love it! I think we’re all a little bit mad… being creative is the best way to get away with it… ;)

  3. suddy – you couldn’t get any madder ;)

  4. great interpretation.

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