The Lady of Shalott

The most beautiful piece ever written. My heart never stops to ache, nomatter how many times I read it. Sucks that there is such beauty in tragedy.

I did this artwork as part of my Illustration course in semester III. The assignment was to choose a painting by one of the Masters and illustrate it in three or more different mediums. This one’s done in soft pastels, on brown handmade paper. If I didn’t have a deadline on my head, I’d have devoted a lot longer to it.

You can read the original poem by Lord Alfred Tennyson at:

6 Responses to “The Lady of Shalott”
  1. Parashar Agravat says:

    I really like this one ….have u put it up in ur house after u framed it ?

  2. hetu says:

    Brilliant stuff..

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