Interaction Invites!

So NID has this tradition.

Every year to welcome the new batch in every discipline (by that I mean, after foundation, students pick a discipline like Graphics, Animation, Film & Video, Textiles, Product etc) seniors, and partly the institute, throw a Welcome Bash! (*wuhoo*) And this is where it gets interesting.. Conditions Apply. Every newbie gets invited as a particular character, usually extremely random and at times including cross dressing, and they must perform a series of tasks, a mini play, an item number etc. It’s basically a mean but highly entertaining way for us seniors to have a few laughs at the cost of our new victims. BUT it’s as much a fun way of welcoming the juniors and making them loosen up and let go of inhibitions and just have a good time.

I did these illustrations for the invitations. I’d say guess the characters but I’m not quite that confident as yet, so I’ll just name them in order,

Medusa, Falguni Pathak, Silk Smita, Khali The Great, Bobby Darling and Sunil Shetty.

Each junior got a personal invite. Details of other characters I’ll post at a later date maybe.

Oh and have to say it, Kudos to the new batch! They know how to put up a good show! Welcome to Graphic Design !!:))


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