After almost 20 years of knowing you and growing up with you, I’m still completely clueless on how to put this in words.

You’ve been around for as far back as I can remember. You’ve been my best friend, my confidante and a constant pain in the neck.

This illustration is everything that reminds me of you and times I miss spending with you and never say I miss (’cause I’m too cool)( and we don’t do senti)

AND it’s also my way of saying thank you, for you know, taking all my shit and giving it back twice as worse. Kiddin <3

I love you to pieces, and you better stick around till when I croak at 90-something. I’m a healthy kid. I brush twice. B-)

To 20 years of a ridiculous number of hours spent on the phone talking, eating aloo bhujia and chinese-chaat and rolls ’cause who’re we kidding, we’ll eat anything (with meat in it, yes!), of failed movie marathons and long walks, making sandcastles and “let’s study at the same university and get an apartment together!”-plans, of sleepovers and shopping sprees, and gossiping and being lazy fat haters, of sticking around and looking out for each other, and to another 20 years and more of being friends. AND BEING AWESOME! :D

This one’s for you Rats :)

One Response to “Ratatatatattat”
  1. Vayam Sood says:

    cheers to you guys :)

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