Must. Think. Happy.

I call this a peptalk. I need to give myself these at regular intervals or else the world starts closing in and colour fades from my “I-chill-in-South-of-France-Bitches!” (future summer) plans.

So what brought this on? The remedy of it, actually.

You see, all of us have those days when the mornings aren’t as bright because we’ve either slept through them or woken up to a day of work we are just not inspired enough to see till its end. And on those days we find ourselves browsing through a million websites and blogs, partially because it’s way more tempting to open an internet tab than a new document on InDesign (or Illustrator or Photoshop), but also because the specimens on our screens are always so inspiring. So hard to look away from. We feel awe. We’re amazed and intrigued at how such creativity can exist and yet be beyond our grasp…

And then there is fear. The kind that you feel when the tick-tock of a clock is all you can hear and you know time is running out , or the kind that you feel when you look into a mirror and nothing you see makes you smile. It is fear in its ugly menacing form threatening to throttle the excitement you’d finally begun feeling.

And today all I’m trying to do is to make myself see.

Doubts are inevitable.

We’ve all set ourselves on a path that is new and unknown to us. It is scary because we care, we care so much about our work and if we have what it takes. What we forget it that we are always learning. That it takes time. Every finished piece of brilliance that quickens my heart now has taken its due time, heart and effort to happen. And once, in days that now exist as memories, there had been another young mind who’d felt the same fear, who’s heart had quickened too. That mind found courage in the inspiration, saw possibilities and saw doubts too, but when has giving up been what us stubborn creatives do? So sweat and stress and many such days will lead to an explosion of wonder someday, and other hearts will quicken across screens.

This is why inspiration does what it does. If I were to define it I’d say it is a mix of curiosity, nerves and a challenge. Curiosity to learn, nerves because there are also doubts you must master, and a challenge to find out if there is yet something else that is possible, something better, that YOU can do. The fear/the curiosity and nerves/the challenge, it drives us. So I remind myself, we are always learning. And we’ll get there.

And on that happy note, here’s another illustration!

I call it Happy Dancing People!

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