Nights Of Murderous Strobe Lighting

Right before our Sem V juries we had a week long crazy course with Rajesh Dahiya & Vivek Sadamate.

The assignment was to pick a song out of 6 given options, including songs from different genres, by artists like Bob Marley, Mozart, ACDC etc and give it a title, a header, compose a write up, select an object to further your interpretation of it, and finally put it all together in one A2 poster.

The one unloaded on me was the song ‘Electric Piya’ from the Bollywood hit, Gangs of Wasseypur 2.

I say unloaded because this song is far FAR away from my comfort zone. Imagine being dropped into a carnival(read riot) of colours, crazzie beats, firecrackers and sweaty men, when all you were prepared for was a quiet evening at the beach. Something like that happened :P

But it was FUN.

I went from being extremely biased against the song, from referring to it as a joke, to tapping my feet along with the beats (and begrudgingly admitting it’s growing on me) to being outrightly amazed at how effectively the song makes a political statement.

And I learnt a lot, technically as well.

So thank yous are in order, And I encourage everyone who hasn’t heard this song yet to do so!


Play it really loud, ok? And try this temporary-suspension-of-criticism thing if you’re a stuck up ass like me :)


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