Be Fearless

My contribution to The Fearless Collective, an inspiring initiative by Shilo Shiv Suleman, against the recent horrible incidents of rape in Delhi. Do check out for other amazing entries from all over the world and contribute, I do request! Advertisements

An Adventure is in Order

This started out being an exploration for a project a friend and I were working on. It took me a long long time to get myself to do this. It is surprisingly hard sometimes, to take risks. The style is something I came up with while experimenting. Mistake so be it, but what a pleasant … Continue reading

Fleet Foxes Brochure

This is the brochure I did for an assignment in our Publication Design course this semester. Fleet Foxes is an Indie Folk band that released their second EP, Helplessness Blues in 2011. I did a hypothetical album brochure for these guys because I find a strange sense of solace in their music, and drawing to … Continue reading


Tessellations are tricky tricky things. I’m beginning to like them :)

Gestalt Travel Postcards

As part of an assignment we had to explore the Principles of Gestalt. I took up the theme of ‘Travel’ and did a couple of illustrated postcards, each exploring a Gestalt Law (Law of Proximity, Law of Closure & Law of Continuity.) I plan to do more, maybe make a 5-10 card series out of … Continue reading


What is the basis, of love? This was for an assignment on visual literacy. It’s the first time I’ve tried hand lettering. Surprisingly tough,man. But I’ve found another thing I’m fascinated with! This one’s done entirely digitally. Look forward to more experiments with hand lettered type! Zee fingerz aaar iching for more :)

Must. Think. Happy.

I call this a peptalk. I need to give myself these at regular intervals or else the world starts closing in and colour fades from my “I-chill-in-South-of-France-Bitches!” (future summer) plans. So what brought this on? The remedy of it, actually. You see, all of us have those days when the mornings aren’t as bright because … Continue reading


After almost 20 years of knowing you and growing up with you, I’m still completely clueless on how to put this in words. You’ve been around for as far back as I can remember. You’ve been my best friend, my confidante and a constant pain in the neck. This illustration is everything that reminds me … Continue reading

Illustration Friday: Lonely

Interaction Invites!

So NID has this tradition. Every year to welcome the new batch in every discipline (by that I mean, after foundation, students pick a discipline like Graphics, Animation, Film & Video, Textiles, Product etc) seniors, and partly the institute, throw a Welcome Bash! (*wuhoo*) And this is where it gets interesting.. Conditions Apply. Every newbie … Continue reading