Illustration Friday: Lonely



This idea got stuck in my head. I know, it’s a week too late for Illustration Friday but it was one of those things I couldn’t not draw. The week’s topic was Space, and this is how I define it! Space between. It’s always relative. Also, I really struggled with the play of light and … Continue reading

Illustration Friday: Sight

                                            So it’s a slightly twisted representation. But there’s a story here. Back in 2011, our Graphic Design batch went on a trip to Goa, because Kyoorius Design Yatra was taking place there. On … Continue reading

Illustration Friday: Kernel

Kernel. The central or most important part of something. The core. I’ve been experimenting. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what kernel meant, for me. I started out by drawing some rough sketches with the heart at the core and somewhere along the way (which was long and frustrating and full of distractions) it turned … Continue reading

Illustration Friday: Hitched

love, love, love Another entry for Illustration Friday! This week’s prompt is “Hitched” ! A critical (and wise) soul pointed out my tendency to use shades, darker colors for my artworks. The palette appeals to me,yes. I wonder why.. Theories on this will follow!

What if..

To remind myself that there is no correct order. There are just a whole lot of possibilities. p.s. This is also my entry for the Illustration Friday topic ‘Imagination’

Illustration Friday: Jump

The little shepherd boy has big dreams. My very first contribution to !! The prompt of the week was “Jump”