A Declaration of Love

Okay, another assignment. We had to choose a graphic designer we admire, research on them and make a tribute of sorts. “HI JESSICA! I LOVE YOU!” wouldn’t cut it so here’s how I’m saying it :) P.s. Check her work out if you aren’t already familiar with it at her website:¬†http://jessicahische.is/ Advertisements


What is the basis, of love? This was for an assignment on visual literacy. It’s the first time I’ve tried hand lettering. Surprisingly tough,man. But I’ve found another thing I’m fascinated with! This one’s done entirely digitally. Look forward to more experiments with hand lettered type! Zee fingerz aaar iching for more :)

Illustration Friday: Lonely


This idea got stuck in my head. I know, it’s a week too late for Illustration Friday but it was one of those things I couldn’t not draw. The week’s topic was Space, and this is how I define it! Space between. It’s always relative. Also, I really struggled with the play of light and … Continue reading